Relationships and Sex Education

From peer educator Mathews Silungwe - recently graduated as a teacher

Added Power And Understanding in Sex Education (Apause) has been very beneficial to my life and the lives of others of my peers.  Firstly, in the course of helping the young people in secondary schools on how best they can change their behaviors, automatically, my life was found to be on the same track.

Secondly, the nature of the program was so interactive and activated my social interactions with different personalities irrespective of their origins. This has helped me to learn people’s behaviors and I have been changed in areas where I thought I was doing the right things when I was wrong.

Academically I was a shy student but standing in front of a form where everyone was considering their own futures motivated me to be a role model. As such, the program has encouraged me to improve in my areas of academics, excelling up to tertiary education. It has been from the same program that I have been sponsored to finish my tertiary education at Mzuzu University.

Right now I am happily working hand in hand with others on how best we can improve the program economically and strategically towards improving the lives of our peers in the societies of Africa.

As a peer educator, there have been some few challenges pertaining to the smooth running of the program.  However, without playing a blame game, and disregarding the variations on the ground, it has been of great importance to me to be part and parcel of the program. Especially the lessons being modified for the challenges of improving the program and developing the members who have been displaying their different skills.  

The dedication of the program trained the spirit within me. The program has made me to be able to handle any kind of job irrespective of its nature and the environment in which it is situated.

As far as popularity is concerned, the program has raised my public profile wherever I go.  People have known me as a peer educator and they have called me different good names just because they were made aware and changed and now have become so productive and responsible to their lives and the lives of others.

Honestly, the eyes of the young men, parents, ministry of education, non-governmental organizations and the teachers are on this program in relation to the facts being taught in different schools.  It would be pathetic to the country to see such an important NGO dying.  The death of Apause can lead to the death of many you people before reaching their old age which is uneconomical to the country and the world at large.

Wishing to see through the success of Apause!

Great regards

Mathews Silungwe!