Relationships and Sex Education

The Apause Peer Manual

Most of the training and classroom resources will make very little sense if you have not first read the four peer scripts. All four of the scripts are kept together in a single spiral bound, purple booklet called ‘The Apause Peer Manual’. Every peer educator has a manual without which they could not facilitate the sessions. The main function of training of the peers is to prepare them so that they can read and interpret the classroom action as it is codified in the manual and bring it to life in their classroom performance. Tip: Read through the Peer manual first and attempt to visualise as much of the action as possible. It might help to write down any questions that remain unanswered. (Hyper link to our resources section). You could read through the PDF of the peer manual on the web page and have a tab on the Index of Peer Clips page, so that you quickly move between the two checking to see if there is an illustrative clip for the section of the peer manual you are reading from.

Peer resources

Key stage 3 peer-led exercises (found in the Apause Peer Manual)

peers 250pSession 1 – "Risk appreciation"

Learners list and critically appraise the reasons why young teenagers start having sex and why they might choose to wait. The class agree there are far more reasons to wait! They conclude STIs and unplanned pregnancy are the major health risks associated with early sexual involvement and both can be avoided through planning, communication and contraception.

Session 2 – "Pressure on Relationships"

Learners review the kinds of pressures to become sexually involved that are faced by young people. They agree that the pressures are not desirable and strategies are suggested for various pressure situations.

Session 3 – "The Power to be Me"

Three assertiveness techniques are modelled by the peer educators. Learners come to the front of the class and demonstrate their willingness and ability to resist unwanted pressure to become sexually involved. Success in defending their personal values is given social kudos by the rest of the class.

Session 4 – "The Final Session"

This optional session brings a more formal closure to the learning experience. A team quiz game allows a light-hearted approach to revisiting key ideas and skills. Teams then are given simulations of problem situations in which they apply their understandings and skills and enact to the class their solutions.

The Index of video clips (click here to view)

This is a series of clips we have recorded in training events and in classrooms over several years. They are arranged chronologically and it is hoped that they will help the trainer to build some clearer ideas of how the peers perform in practice and demonstrates the variety of ‘styles’ different groups of peers adopt. Some of the clips were recorded with earlier versions of the script and resources but have been included because they capture something important about Apause peer education.

Tip: Work through the index in chronological order, but before viewing each clip use the information provided in the index to locate which part of the script it is illustrating.