Relationships and Sex Education

The SRE Project is proud of Apause (Added Power and Understanding in Sex Education). Supported by published research and government funded evaluations, it makes bold claims.

They Include: 

  • After Apause, students increasingly agree that “Our SRE is OK”
  • Training welcomed and highly rated by teachers
  • Health professionals value their involvement
  • Peer education
    • Welcomed by teachers
    • Highly rated and recalled by students
    • Valued by peer educators
    • Four, one hour sessions delivered after one day of training.
    • Teaches assertiveness skills effectively
  • The programme
    • Corrects wrongly believed ‘norm’ that most teenager have had sex by sixteen
    • Enables delay of first intercourse
    • Increases use of contraception
    • Has positive evaluations for UK Government, commissioners and schools
    • Gained the Quality Assurance Mark of the PSHE Association
    • Is safe for students, peer educators and adult facilitators

Check them out:

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