Relationships and Sex Education

The SRE Project campaigns to raise awareness of its key messages: the health value of postponing first intercourse; the importance of responsible sex and effective use of contraception.

‘Zach and Zoe’ campaign - currently active!

The aim: To encourage teenagers to take their time with relationships, and not feel the need to rush to ‘last base’.

The SRE Project and Apause encourages the postponement of intercourse, and should a couple agree they want responsible sex to use contraception effectively.

The concept: Zach and Zoe have been created as the faces of the campaign. They are a ‘cool’ and credible couple. Importantly, Zach and Zoe do not feel ready for full sex and have agreed they will not be pressured into starting. They feature on a poster which has been distributed to SRE teachers in five hundred secondary schools across the UK where they will be displayed in student areas.

Students are then inspired to become a ‘Fan’ of the ‘Zach and Zoe’ Facebook page. This page will provide video clips of actual SRE sessions and invite comments. It will also link to other websites and resources.

The posters: You can get one free A4 poster for your school, and larger sizes and larger quantities are available at cost price – please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request or use our contact form.

What next?: Look out for Zach and Zoe in future poster campaigns. We want to spread our message far and wide - we’d welcome your feedback and ideas.