Relationships and Sex Education

Thank you

for choosing to fundraise for SRE in our schools and communities.  The Apause programme is cheap.  A once only investment of as little as £120 provides all the materials and information needed for a school coordinator to train for and run the programme in a classroom.  A one day training for the first batch of peer educators and their subsequent trainer is highly beneficial.   A school may also need additional class packs at £75 enabling multiple delivery to several classes at one time. 

Your efforts will ensure that young people gain the vital knowledge and skills they need to:

  • understand more about sex and sexuality
  • build successful relationships
  • practise assertiveness and exercise more control in their relationships
  • postpone first intercourse
  • keep themselves safe.

Fundraising made easy !

Start fundraising with JustGiving

You can make use of the Just Giving support, ideas and help to set up a page for a specific purpose and/or events 

  • They really make it easy to make fundraising pages that you can send to your friends, contacts, other parents etc.
  • They have lots more ideas for events and ways to raise money

The money you raise can be used in ways that you choose 

  • To fund training, resources or evaluation of SRE and PSHE in general or for a specific school, or schools in an area,
    • If you use Just Giving put a relevant title on your page(s) e.g. include the name and town of school
    • Fundraise locally and the school simply make an order
  • to ask us to co-develop or develop a new exercise or resource,
  • to support another of our projects
  • or even to support our office costs - difficult for us to fund raise for but very important!  

Our ideas for fundraising activities

The ideas below are mostly for schools, but anyone can raise money to help us

Quick and easy 

Scratch cards

Your school can order the SRE campaign scratch card in batches of 1000 to sell for £1 each. Each batch contains three winning tickets - one the top prize of an Amazon Kindle plus two other prizes. Publicise the name of the winners (with permission). To order click : Contact us by phone, post or email with subject "Scratch cards" .

Non-uniform day
Always popular and a great way to raise funds.


Fundraising events pupils, parents or others can help to organise

Giving something up day
Builds self-discipline as an added bonus!

Sponsored silence
Organise this as a group event one lunchtime.

Bake off!
Run your own 'British Bake Off' style competition or simply invite pupils to bring home-baked goods to sell at lunchtime. Who will turn out to be your Mary Berry?

Bring and buy
A popular and environmentally friendly way to recycle and raise funds.

Sponsored readathon
Get pupils to find sponsors for every book they read from an approved list and they'll gain too.

You may have lots of other ideas - let us know!


Fundraising school events

School sports day
A great way to involve parents and children in fundraising and everyone gets fit too!

Summer fete or Christmas bazaar
There's a host of activities you can include in a seasonal event to raise more funds, such as raffles, tombolas, guess the weight of the(donated) cake/jar of sweets and lucky dips (with donated goods).

Sports tournament
Choose a popular game at your school such as five-a-side football, rounders or netball to stage a tournament.

Talent competition
Get the budding stars in your school to entertain everyone. Charge acts to enter and for tickets.

School disco
Ask a local DJ to pledge their services to make this an even more cost effective fundraising event.

School quiz
Encourage each class to enter a team.

Karaoke competion
'X-factor' fans will all want a chance to win a (donated) prize. Sell tickets for the event and the audience can vote for the winners.


Hints and tips

Use the ideas here as a springboard to brainstorm with PTA members for an original and fun event that suits your school. Play to your school's strengths.

Write a project plan, a budget and delegate roles. This will help you to determine where you need to simplify your event.

Consider getting local businesses to donate goods and services and aim to raise at least three times what you spend.

Draw up a time-frame for your plan, allowing time to organise the details, and to promote it.

Check that any activities and venues you organise are health and safety compliant and covered by your public liability insurance.

Review your plan and budget regularly to make sure you're on track.Report back regularly too, to keep everyone involved and on-board.

Give yourself a fundraising target and make a display that will motivate pupils as they see the total moving towards your goal.

Mobilise your contacts. Do you have supporters in local or large businesses? Or any famous ex-pupils who'd be willing to lend time and support? Write a press release and use local media to get support from the community.

Mention your fundraising activities everywhere! So include details on school answerphone messages, email signatures, social media and notice boards. Encourage your supporters to post the event on their social media too.

Make up sponsorship forms to hand out to pupils.

Don't forget to thank people who supported you by donating time or goods by sending out a letter detailing what you were able to raise and what that means for your target and the SRE services it will provide.

Make use of the great facilities and help available from JUST GIVING

 You are helping to make young people's present and adult lives better. Thank you for your support.

Start fundraising with JustGiving