Relationships and Sex Education

Findings, Publications and Reports

A selection of our Publications and Findings

Since the early 90s, under the directorship of Dr John Tripp, successive researchers within the Apause project have produced a series of publications which have added to the understanding of adolescent sexual behaviour and how Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) can contribute to their sexual health.

We were one of the first reseach teams to seriously investigate the effectiveness of peer education and suggest some of the mechanisms that led to their success.

Mellanby et al 2001

We went on to identify some of the critical skills and attitudes necessary for peer educators to successfully facilitate the Apause peer programme.

Morgan et al 2004

The use of drama in Sex and Relationships Education

Because the peer educators used performative methods as they facilitated learning in classrooms, we began an investigation in how peer education, social cognitive theory and theatre-for-development processes could be combined to enhance the classroom learning experience. In this study we were exploring the challenges of how, in a classroom setting, it might be possible to teach skills in negotiating sexual intimacy.

Evans et al 1998

SRE in Non-Mainstream Educational Settings

A grant from the Depatment of Health Teenage Pregnancy Unit enabled the team to pilot peer education with young people in non-mainstream educational settings such as Pupil Referral Units, young mother's units and with young offenders. In this context peer education took on a more client-led approach with peer educators themselves having experienced social disadvantage and a disrupted education.

Evans et al 2009

A Perspective on National Policies

Our unique involvement both in research and service provision of SRE over the last 20+ years gives us a distinctive perspective on some of the national policies around SRE in the curriculum, the teenage pregnancy strategy and adolescent sexual health as a major public health concern.

Evans & Tripp 2006

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