Relationships and Sex Education

The SRE Project provides low cost, easy-to-use resources for sex and relationships education. Our adult and peer-led programmes are fully supported by on-line training.

Our charity's mission is to improve young people’s health through theory and evidence-based practice.

Through the work of teachers, health professionals and peer-educators our  work contributes to public health programmes aiming to reduce teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

We have developed resources and IT supported training which make the sensitive subject of sex and relationships simpler  and 'safer' to teach.  This unique approach puts relationships first, so students find it relevant  and are quickly engaged. Our lead programme, Apause (Added Power and Understanding in Sex Education), is a comprehensive, easy-to-deliver, Key Stage 3 and 4 classroom resource for teachers and peer educators.

Our  pedigree of published research and innovation  has resulted in two drama-based programmes: RAP (Respect and Protect) is a more client centred  methodology usually facilitated by a combination of peer educators and professionals with groups of vulnerable and hard-to-reach young people; Get-WISE uses peer education to enable KS4 students to manage all aspects of their relationship and sexual health through the acquisition  of effective negotiation skills.