Relationships and Sex Education

Four one-hour, peer-led sessions, take the year nine students through logical and practical steps towards the programme outcomes.

Key stage 3 peer-led units of work

Link to video clips of sessions

Session 1 – "Risk appreciation"
Learners list and critically appraise the reasons why young teenagers start having sex and why they might choose to wait. The class agree there are far more reasons to wait! They conclude STIs and unplanned pregnancy are the major health risks associated with early sexual involvement and both can be avoided through planning, communication and contraception.

Session 2 – "Pressure on Relationships"
Learners review the kinds of pressures to become sexually involved that are faced by young people. They agree that the pressures are not desirable and strategies are suggested for various pressure situations.

Session 3 – "The Power to be Me"
Three assertiveness techniques are modelled by the peer educators. Learners come to the front of the class and demonstrate their willingness and ability to resist unwanted pressure to become sexually involved. Success in defending their personal values is given social kudos by the rest of the class.

Session 4 – "The Final Session"
This optional session brings a more formal closure to the learning experience. A team quiz game allows a light-hearted approach to revisiting key ideas and skills. Teams then are given simulations of problem situations in which they apply their understandings and skills and enact to the class their solutions.