Relationships and Sex Education

A basic format common to all Apause Teacher-led exercises - The Five Os

Every exercise follows a cycle of five distinct phases - the “Five Os” which are clearly labelled in the Teacher's Guides and Lesson Plans.

Click each of the Five Os buttons below ( 'Outcome', 'Organise', 'On-task', 'Out-loud' & 'Overview') to see a video clip of how that part of the exercise looks in the classroom context. (In a few exercises some of the phases may be visited more than once.)

Teachers can either read directly from the scripted Teacher's Guideline or use the more schematic Plan. All the exercises have a central component of small group learning. Teachers are required to organise the small group activities and facilitate the feedback activity that follows.  If students are working on the tasks as described all the sensitive information necessary and specialist knowledge is contained either within the small group resource or is anticipated as part of the notes within the Teacher’s Guideline.

To see how these videos correspond to the resources and for a further look at exercise structure, you can download. The Teacher’s Guide and Student’s Questionnaire Worksheet for Exercise 2 from the links in the orange box below.


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As learners pass through the series of exercises they are increasingly enabled to demonstrate their confidence by undertaking more complex and open-ended tasks. These are shared as simple presentations to the rest of the class.

Exercise 2 - “Talking Points”

Teacher's Guide (E2 T) [PDF]

15 x A4 Student's Student's questionnaire Worksheets (E2 S1) [PDF]