Relationships and Sex Education

A novice SRE teacher facilitates the ‘Organise’ section of Exercise 4 for the first time.

ApauseToo E4, Organise 1 from SRE project on Vimeo.

To see more of this excercise, please follow this link and refer to "Excersise 4". Alternatively, you can use the links in the table below: 

  Page # Description Video(s)
Outcome page 1 Cards have been prepared to help understand that different kinds of relationships correspond to different kinds of intimacy. Watch Video
Ground rules page 1 Ground Rules Watch Video
Organise page 1 Students get in groups of about 4 perforated picture cards are distributed, instructions read. Watch Video
On-task page 2 Students read cards amongst themselves and arrange them in order in sexual closeness. Watch Video
Out-loud page 2 Correct sequence of cards is established as each group reports on position of one of the cards. Watch Video
Organise page 2 Teacher distributes a second set of perforated cards and explains students now match attributes of second set to pictures of first set. Watch Video
On-task page 2 Students use a range of strategies to match cards in a ‘Top Trumps’ of sexual intimacy. Watch Video
Out-loud page 3 Teacher asks each group to read-out how they have matched the attributes to the different kinds of relationship. Watch Video
Overview page 4 Teacher invites class to discuss risks and consequences of relationships where committed and responsibility are absent.
Class discuss what differences there are, if any, between teenagers’ and adults’ values around relationships and sex.
Watch Video