Relationships and Sex Education


Dramatic price reductions in 2014 for Apause

All student resources have been updated and designed for re-use in a laminated format enabling a step change reduction in costs.

A single investment of £120.00 will buy the complete programme set with the extensive co-ordinator's file and a class pack which includes re-usable materials for the whole programme. Additional class sets @ £75.00 each allow simultaneous teaching in a block of classes. Individual components and exercises can also be purchased.

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ApasueToo Programme set includes:

The co-ordinator's file with :

  • CDs:
    • The introduction and training CD for the 12 Adult led ApauseToo exercises;
    • Peer training manual and CD for trainers, revision by peers and PowerPoint for peers in class
    • The resources CD with PDF files of all materials, background 'glossies', training exercises, peer accreditation scheme and Word files of sample letters etc. to personalise for schools.
  • All the support materials from the above CD and training in glossy, printed or lamianted format

A class pack as below

Class pack includes

  • Teacher guides and all the laminated resources for:the 12 x 20-30 min (or 6 40-60 Min) ApauseToo Teacher facilitated sessions for KS3 and KS4
  • Peer educator scripts for a team of four peers (additional copies available at cost)
  • Class materials for the four peer facilitated sessions (4 x 40 - 60 minute sessions for KS3
  • CD ROM for each set of peers for training revision and PowerPoint projection of 'Slides' in their sessions


A one-off investment of £400 (plus travel) will purchase a full day of face to face peer training and comprehensive ‘training the trainer’ event. This involves preparing a cohort of peer educators and one or more teachers so that they are familiar with facilitation methods for the classroom sessions and also able to run training internally thereafter. At the end of the day, in a twilight session, we can include a 40 minute introduction and training for teachers delivering their ApauseToo exercises and accrediting peer educators


We offer low cost evaluations of SRE and/or a more comprehensive evaluation of PSHE at end of KS3, or Y11.

Old Stock Bargains

Contact us for an alternative selection of ‘end-of-line’ ultra-low cost grab-and-go resources. These are in the original ApauseToo format with single use exercises and resources for each leson and class in envelopes.