Relationships and Sex Education

If you order the ApauseToo exercises from the SRE Project, each exercise will arrive in its own clear plastic wallet. Each wallet will contain:

  • A Teacher’s Guide
  • All resources for facilitating the exercise to last 20 – 30 minutes.
  • All additional (optional) resources for extending the exercise to last 45+ minutes

If you download the PDF files for each exercise and print them yourself, we are assuming you will find your own way of assembling the exercises. For example you may find it easier to assemble the Teacher Guides as four, double sided sheets of A4, stapled in the corner rather than as double sides A3 as booklets - as we provide them.  Similarly you may find it easier to print resources on A4 rather than A5. .We have been careful to detail the correct numbers for each set of resources.

Experience has shown that most classes will comfortably self-divide into 7 groups with groups of 3s, 4s or 5s and this is reflected in the instructions in the ‘Teacher Guideline’ and in the way the resources are put together.  Some exercises are carried out in pairs.

Getting started

Teacher’s Guides

These are as an A4 sized booklet put together using two sheets of A3, double sided and saddle stitched. 

As you read through the Teacher’s Guides you will see that they are all structured in the same way.

We have found during classroom pilots and training that teachers prefer to get straight to the description of the exercise. Hence the booklets begin with the first 5 sides comprising the detailed ‘Teacher Guidelines’. This is an account of how the exercise has been successfully run in classroom tests. It is partially scripted, gives clear instructions for initiating the activities (supported by extracts from the activities), provides appropriate questions and information to keep discussions ‘on-track’ and gives guidance on how to expand the exercise from the minimum of 20 minutes to 45 + minutes.

The next 2 sides describe exactly the same Exercise but are laid out as a ‘Plan’.
The Plan is the equivalent to a conventional lesson plan with learning outcomes, general structure and timings. Once familiar with the exercise, many teachers will prefer to operate from just the plan.

The Teacher Guidelines and the Plan are all structured using the the Five Os format.

The back page is the ‘Summary’. Broadly encapsulating the exercise, the Summary provides the theoretical framework together with useful practical implications. It is organised under the four headings of: Expectations, Methods, Synopsis and Rationale. This gives the teacher an all round ‘flavour’ of what happens in the exercise with the specific demands that will be placed upon her.