Relationships and Sex Education

Do you want your child to have good SRE at school as well as at home?

Most parents do, but there are problems nationally. See link SRE in UK

  • Have you discussed relationships with your child?
  • Have you discussed school SRE?
  • Do the students think their SRE is useful to them?
  • Would you like your child's school to improve their SRE?
    • NB it is hardly measured or inspected so there is little motivation for schools
  • Over 80% of parents welcome responsible SRE delivered in school
  • Sadly our government is currently not adequately supporting schools to take it on.
  • If you think your school’s SRE curriculum could be improved . . .
    • Check out Apause and the bold claims we make for the programme Link to claims
    • See what you think of the reasons we developed Apause Link to Doctor's notes
    • Discuss it with other parents, the PTA, parent Governors, and the school's teachers and managers
    • Raise a few pounds for PTA to buy it for school it is amazing value for money Link to fundraising
  • If you want to help nationally contact us and/or donate
  • You could make a comment on our facebook page to support good SRE