Relationships and Sex Education

SRE is a major issue.

See links to national surveys and campaigns SRE in the UK

Recent Governments have asked schools to help but given little concrete support for a difficult task

The Health Behaviour Group took on a research and development programme for SRE from the University of Exeter where for 20 years a group gradually developed a program that makes the task straightforward and even enjoyable for teachers even when teaching as non-PSHE experts.  It is popular with students, parents, teachers, managers and commissioners, has been extensively evaluated and is now cheap or even free as downloads! It can make a real difference to your students' immediate and future lives because it achieves not just knowledge gain, but healthier beliefs and behaviours

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  • The SRE project of the Health Behaviour group simply asks you to take us seriously –
    • SRE is recognised to be a major issue nationally for everyone involved 
    • Good SRE is acknowledged by Ofsted but of little value in league tables
    • Schools could play a huge role in helping young people
    • And their parents rate it as an important part of theri children's edcuation for life
    • The task is notoriously difficult
    • Schools receive encouragement, but little concrete help from the governent
  • In the University of Exeter and the Health Behaviour group we have worked for 30 years to find solutions
    • The result is a programme for mainstream schools that is unique in the UK - Apause
    • And is by far the most widely evaluated by ourselves and externally by government 
    • All our resources can be freely downloaded to examine or try 
    • Resources, training and evaluation are also cheap in bundles or individual units
  • Teachers will find training and teaching Apause straightforward and will enjoy it!
  • It has developed from an expensive to a cheap intervention while improving quality and ease of use in schools
  • Health professionals can have important roles to play in one or more exercises and can use sessions to introduce themselves and their services to students
  • We have worked hard to produce a really useful resource and make bold claims!
  • If they look interesting have a good browse of this website,
  • Contact us for any queries you have and we will try to help  


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