Relationships and Sex Education


  • First of all get SRE into schools - nearly all young teenagers will get some SRE
  • Make sure the SRE curriculum meets the needs of students
    • Students ask for SRE that helps relationship behaviours not just knowledge
  • School managements, Teachers, Governors and PTAs can all achieve this
    • We can just evaluate your school's SRE and/or advise
    • We can offer a unique programme

Apause is

  • Welcomed by all groups including learner students, peer educators, teachers, school heads, governors, parents and religious leaders
  • The only SRE school-based SRE in the UK that has been shown to create healthier behaviours
  • SRE that helps secondary school students to
    • Take more pleasure and control in their relationships
    • Learn and practice assertiveness skills
    • Postpone first intercourse, then always use contraception
    • See evidence pages 


  • Easy to use,
  • Uncontroversial
  • Safe for students and teachers
  • Cheap or even free!

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