Relationships and Sex Education

ApauseToo curriculum in Key Stages 3 & 4

ApauseToo comprises 12 well organised, stand-alone SRE exercises spanning Key Stages 3 & 4.

With all resources available in ‘grab-and-go clear plastic wallets' – teachers can concentrate on their preparation and facilitation using a standardised lesson method - the five O's. These exercises are more fully described on our resources pages and are available singly or in various combinations as "bundles".  All resources are also available in digital format and can be downloaded by subscribers from the resources pages.

Key stage 3 teacher-led units of work

KS3 250p

Exercise 1- “Ground Rules − Why?”  Cartoon strip story is interpreted by whole class. Consensus reached on: value of communication, accessing health information, and building Ground Rules.

Exercise 2 – “Talking Points”  Short questionnaire on understanding puberty - how it changes us, others, and how we see and behave towards each other.

Exercise 3 – “Love and Sex for Aliens”  Online conversation between human and aliens - explores the complexity of love, sex, responsibility and family values

Exercise 4 – “Relationships Sorted”  Cards show different relationships and forms of intimacy. Sequenced by criteria e.g. physical changes, emotional involvement, commitment, and health risk.

Exercise 5 – “Teen Scenes”  A variety of short teenage scenes are read out loud. Knowledge, beliefs and values are interrogated.

Exercise 6- “Festival Fever”  A couple anticipate going to a festival. Short episodes are read out loud. Conclusion: only perception of social expectation creates pressure to have sex. Solution: discuss and postpone

Key stage 4 teacher-led units of work

KS4 250p

Exercise 7 – “Relationships – explore the rules”  Examines a developing relationship. Cards are sorted into physical and social ‘moves’. Worksheets focus students on themes of development, control and normative expectations.

Exercise 8 – “Relationships – playing the game”  Cards facilitate a game which simulates various relationships. Moves can advance, slow down or stop physical and social aspects of a relationship. Discussion : Why is negotiation important?

Exercise 9 – “Pregnancy – Risks and Choices”  Short scenes of a story examine circumstances and pressures which lead up to unprotected sex. Explores influence of friends, social norms, contraceptive choices and solutions.

Exercise 10 – “STIs – Risks and Choices”  A simulation exercise ‘models’ sexual encounters amongst a group of young adults causing spread of Chlamydia. Consensus -adoption of safer sexual practices will protect participants

Exercise 11 – “Contraception Hardwear”  Card sorting exercises and read-backs enable class to memorise 6 steps of condom application. Accessibility of local services is discussed – ideal for health professional input.

Exercise 12 – “Contraception Soft skills”  Short scenes examine the social complexity of negotiating condom use. Influence of friends, false starts and misfires demonstrate relationship skills count more than procedural skills!