Relationships and Sex Education


All teacher and student resources for the teacher delivered components of our program are available for download FREE! if you are prepared to photocopy.

Professionally published, grab and go, pre-packed, re-useable resources in colour are available at cost (£6 per exercise and probably cheaper than b&w photocopying in-house)


The ApauseToo School Set has everything you may need to run ApauseToo in a school – comprising The Co-ordinator's File and a single Class Pack - all for £120

Most schools adopting the programme ask us to run their first peer training day as a demonstration and train the trainer(s) day, including a free 40-60 minute staff training twilight sesssion and a free school set of resources, at £450 + trainer travel costs 

Some schools will engage us to provide bespoke or generic evaluation of their SRE to show value added by their old and new programmes and/or monitor other areas of PSHE (Poa).  This may be fundable by a commissioner or by Public Health

Included in the School Set are:

pack-imageThe Co-ordinator's File for the lead staff member

All the information and resources needed to run the programme:

Training and resource CDs and manuals to provide

  • a short Teacher introduction and training session of 40-60 minutes;
  • a whole day peer training session with additional exercises;
  • CD with all of the resources materials as pdf files for your own re-production

Model letters and other documents (in Word format) to personalise and use for peer recruitment, training, evaluation and certification, parent information letters etc

A class pack

  • Contains an introduction to the classroom method and all the teacher and peer led led exercises needed for using the programe in the classroom
  • Each exercise includes an 8 page teacher manual and laminated re-usable pupil resources
  • Also includes 4 peer educator manuals, their training CD and laminated re-usable pupil resources
  • If you want to teach more than one class simultaneously you will need additional class packs, available as a seperate bundle @ £75

Choose your own programme

Smaller packs of bundled resources are available for seperate components.

The Peer Programme Set is £50, all you need if you only want to use the peer programme .

To teach more than one class at a time you will need additional Class Packs (for use in perpetuity):
Class pack for whole programme £75
Class pack for peer delivered only £25
Class pack for teacher delivered KS3 £35, KS4 £35

Individual teacher led exercises with teacher guide and class resources are £6 (or downloadable FREE) to develop your own curriculum.

All the details are on our main Resources page (effectively our shop!) where login is very straightforward at : Resources