Relationships and Sex Education



       The best SRE, for highest numbers, at lowest cost

                                                               - with safest and easiest delivery.

We propose three ways to achieve this:

  1. Anyone can campaign: for a single school, for local schools or for all UK schools to adopt an effective Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) programme
  2. Anyone can give direct support to our charity in its mission to provide responsible, high quality and behaviourally effective SRE
  3. Teachers and health professionals responsible for SRE can decide to adopt one of our affordable solutions for their schools.

 The SRE Project

The SRE Project is a charity. It originates from Child Health in the Exeter Medical School and is primarily concerned with the sexual health of young people.
SRE has lowly status in the curriculum. This means under funding. Teaching of SRE is under-resourced and teachers often under-trained and have to operate with insufficient space in a crowded timetable.

What this website does

  • The orange button takes you to the starting point and hub of a campaign to improve the sexual health of young people through effective SRE. Or click here
  • The navy blue button takes you to pages that publicise our own unique, research-based, solutions to the SRE challenge.
    This part of the site:
    • enables schools and commissioners to thoroughly assess for themselves our approach, providing detailed descriptors, videos clips of classroom practice and online inspection copies of all our resources:  click here
    • provides all our resources as FREE downloads, or re-usable, grab-and-go, packs through our NOT-FOR-PROFIT ‘shop’ (click for Resources).

Most of what we achieve is done on a voluntary basis, donations are greatly valued. You can donate here or click the light blue button.