Relationships and Sex Education

Better Relationships - Better Sex - Better Lives

What does the SRE Project stand for?

It is every young person's right to have effective relationships and sex education.

'Effective' means SRE that will have a positive impact on the health behaviours and lives of young people.

We recognise political and practical challenges can undermine those rights of our young people. We believe there's sound evidence to show that every school is capable of delivering effective relationships education and nearly all really want to do it well.

What do we do?

The SRE Project exists to improve relationships and sex education.

A special kind of learning needs to occur in an effective SRE lesson as the aim is health of body, mind and spirit. Knowledge is essential but not sufficient to achieve this. Our programme of collaborative performances works because participants see the advantages and normality of behaviours which lead to better relationships. They are confident they can perform those behaviours; they expect better relationships because they've seen plausible models and enjoyed success in practicing them. We want to support schools by providing resources which will increase the confidence and performance of teachers and learners.

What do we offer?

Classroom resources - low cost and reusable.

Our adult-led and peer-led resources have the Quality Assurance Mark from the PSHE Association.

Training for adult and peer facilitators - highly effective, flexible and low cost or free to reproduce.

We are seeking CPD accreditation of our adult training events.

Evaluation services – equally suitable for individual schools, groups of schools or area commissioners of health or education

Find out about our campaign, resources and evidence for effectiveness; best of all use them. In order of proportion our resources come from: voluntary work, sales, donations and development funding.

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