Relationships and Sex Education

Evaluation as a founding principle of good SRE

Every opportunity has been undertaken to rigorously evaluate Apause and its related methodologies across a period of over 20 years. As a project of both Exeter University and the then Peninsula Medical School, Apause was evaluated both internally and by external agencies. The results were published (Mellanby et al 1995, NFER 2004) and findings used to further improve the programme. In order to do this we have developed a range of surveys to help us and the schools we work with to understand and improve their SRE and PSHE provision.

Helping schools to assess their performance and progress in PSHE

Schools can take advantage of this legacy today! The same surveys that are used in the Apause evaluations are updated regularly and are available for use in schools.

we can offer:

  • Short Year 9 pre and post surveys to test effectiveness of Apause lessons and their delivery, as well as some key learning pointers
  • Short pre and post Apause peer programme surveys
  • Age appropriate generic SRE evaluation - suitable for any school (Apause or non-Apause)
  • End of Key Stage 3 Generic PSHE evaluation - suitable for any school (Apause or non-Apause)
  • A full Year 11 questionnaire (mean age 16) evaluating PSHE and health behaviours. This provides extensive data on teaching and learning of PSHE & SRE and related health behaviours including, sexual health, smoking, drugs, alcohol, diet & exercise and bullying.
  • An SRE only version of the Year 11 questionnaire focusing on SRE questions, local services and behaviours relating to sexual health. Shorter and lower cost than the full Year 11 questionnaire.

Bespoke evaluation services for commissioners and schools

The Health Behaviour Group, which runs the SRE project, can also offer bespoke evaluation services. Its staff, led by Dr John Tripp, has extensive experience with interventions designed to improve health related behaviours and testing their efficacy. Drawing on this experience we can help you with the following:

  • Questionnaire design services
  • A large bank of well tested health questions, with existing historical datasets for comparison and analysis
  • Statistical analysis and reporting of findings in an easy to comprehend manner.
  • A low-cost and and efficient service using both online and scanning technologies, with competitive printing where required.
  • We have extensive experience in evaluating anti-smoking programmes, use of sexual health drop in services and adolescent diabetes.
  • Feedback from commissioners of our evaluation services

“Hi David,

Report was well received at Teenage Pregnancy Board last month. We will have a more detailed presentation on its implications and what we are doing with it at May meeting. I personally feel that this overview report is essential in extracting accurate assumptions about what the data tells us."

Emma Pyrah, Family Nurse Partnership Project Manager/Joint Commissioning Officer - Children & Young People - Telford & Wrekin PCT/Borough of Telford

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